I love you, David Hockney

I love the way you think, the way you express, and how you let nothing keep you from being an artist.


Oh, do you guys want to see what this amazing man has done with his iphone? Here I am, the person who complains about having to type on the little keyboard on her ipod. Looks like those days are over.

There's a picture of Hockney in an old Rolling Stone that I fell in love with. It was him holding a dachshund in such a loving, gentle manner. The composition, and sentiment of the photo is so sweet to me. I have to make a painting out of it sometime--just for me.

The article talked of his journey to success, and some health issues that he apparently has overcome. I went through my Picasso period, Thurber, Van Gogh, and now I'm sort of obsessed with Hockney's work. I guess it's me needing to learn and go somewhere it didn't know existed before. I'm a minimalist so I only dream of being able to paint or think like him.

Anyway, now I feel sad because there's so much I want to do and so little time to get it done.


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