Monday, October 12, 2009

Typo why must you beseech me?

After doing a full out edit last week-end that I thought had cleaned up all mistakes and or typos, I went back this week-end to find the little buggers had invaded again. It's like having rats in your manuscript. They hide, copulate, then settle in strange places that your thought were rodent free. It's starting to peeve me off.

So, I have advice for anyone who thinks their manuscript is typo free. Look again. Look up, look down, look to the left, the right, and all around. Look under, then hold it up against a light and look some more. Look while eating, look while sleeping. Look while waiting for the dryer to finish, look while you're on the toilet. Look, look, and then when you're done looking . . . look again.

Put your manuscript away for awhile, take a break. Then run back in the house, turn on the computer or grab the notebook and look some more. I'm looking right now.


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