In my last post, I spoke about the main character from THE SOUL SEEKERS, eighteen year old Emma Shay. Now I'd like to introduce the secondary main character, someone who slightly comes off as an antagonist during the first quarter of the book, the ghost-man himself, William Bennett. Actually, his name has quite a metamorphosis, starting with Emma's own nickname for him, HANDSOME, then Billy Joe Bennett, as she hears the Soul Seekers call him. His real name is William Bennett; elegant and fitting, as he ends up being quite the noble character.

William is the young man who has roamed the small town of Springvail invisible to most of its citizens for over twenty years. The only people who can see him are the Soul Seekers, who aren't quite what you would call human. They stole half of his soul during a ceremony called the Rapture, locking it in a coin made of roughly helmed coppery metal. Lost since 1956, the coin has now resurfaced and is in the possession of--you guessed it--Emma Shay, aka new girl in town. She's the only normal human who can see or hear him, and that makes her his only ally in the world. If he didn't love her so much, he might take her up on her offers to help get his soul back. But he is strong-willed and very protective. He demands she hide the coin and leave town. Riiiiight. Emma has already lost someone she loves more than life itself, her father, and she is not going to go through any of that again.

William is a writer, a dreamer. He's romantic and fiercely protective. He can walk through walls, he can jump into moving cars, but he cannot accept Emma ever getting hurt in the process of him being saved. It's unthinkable. On the night of the lunar eclipse, he is ready to give up the rest of his soul so the ministry can be done with it and move their coven out of Springvail for good. What he did not count on was one young woman and her stubborn heart to enter the underground world of the Soul Seekers caves to just save him.

I can't wait for all of you to read this book. I wrote it for anyone that loves time travel, rock and roll, muscle cars, romance, small town freakaliscious times, and of course, girl power! If you are someone that grew up on the tail end of the 1970's, I think you will enjoy it immensely. If you are a young chap or chick who wants to be led back in time, you'll love it. THE SOUL SEEKERS is a story about all of us and any time; most of all, it relates something that is real. Though, you'll just have to read it to find out what that is.


  1. I'm currently querying a time travel romance (YA). Yours sounds very interesting. Also, I love your profile picture. It's adorable!

  2. Thank you, for the compliment on the book and the picture. It's a painting I did last Spring. I love to paint anything feminine and natural--need to get back to it some more! Thanks again, and best wishes on your book.


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