THE SOUL SEEKERS are coming after you . . .

But it's okay, who needs a soul anyway?

Yes folks, I am going to speak of my first novel, the SOUL SEEKERS, a young adult thriller/paranormal/romance. It is very, oh so very crossover, which means it basically fits in every genre known to man, but that's what I wanted. I always knew I'd write about ghosts and mix it in with romance. I always knew I'd write about time travel and mix that in with romance. Mostly the plan was to write something that took a young girl from a place in her life which seemed inescapable--father's death, no future, no car, no friends, no college, strange town--and transform her through events that are targeted specifically for her. Let's face it, most young women aren't surrounded by ghoul men with hollow eyes, and beautiful ghost-guys who only you can see. The main character, Emma Shay, can either believe it all and let it transform her, or she can say FORGET IT and concentrate on leaving. She's too strong for that. She can handle the ghouls, and she may not know it at the onset, but she figures it out real fast. It doesn't hurt that one of her character flaws is being stubborn.

Besides her transformation, I flipping love the concept of a small town being a place of dirty business. Any normal visitor would drive through and say, "Oh, what a nice little place to live! Look at all the old fashioned houses and shops. Wouldn't it be nice to live here?" It would, if you like not having a soul. Mwahahahahahaha.

More on THE SOUL SEEKERS on my next post. Life is calling me in the form of a shower, two kids--one with a stinky diaper, and some laundry that needs to be put in the dryer.


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