Writing Waves

I have been in rewrite mode, so pardon the absence. This last week I had one of those breakthrough moments where a person has the chance to go one way, taking the safe route, or go the other way and risk failure. I took the second path, and I think it worked.

Have you noticed that writing comes in waves? Sometimes you're riding along and things are great, and other times you feel as if you were dropped down never to be picked up again? That's when we have to take a breath and allow faith--whatever that might be to each person--to take over. You have to believe in your talent and hold firm. The times I had the most trouble writing resulted in some of my favorite work. If I had not allowed myself to fight through the difficulty, I might have given up indefinitely! At the moment, there is a three-year-old climbing all over me. Talk about tough writing conditions! And this before coffee . . .

Have a great writing day! Fight, believe, take risks.


  1. 'fight, believe...'

    great advice.

    I often say writing is like excercise. You (or at least I) avoid it on lazy days -- but it feels so good when you've got it all done.


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