It's been a long, long, long time

Today, the temperature has a little negative symbol next to it. And it's supposed to snow . . . again. Now, normally I like snow, it has this magic quality to take the world and change it into the 1800's with all the cars and paved streets and signs masked into a white oblivion. If you listen close enough, you just might hear the sound of sleigh bells coming across the way, and a lonely train whistle blowing through the bleak, forever fields. Someone is drawing a match across flint, ready to light the fabric wick of a hurricane lamp. Shadows flicker across patterned wallpaper, reaching out to a dim light seeping into the room past heavy draperies; light which seems more like left-over moon glow, than the gold of a rejected sun. A cat sits up against thick, wavy glass, silhouetted against the white of the snow. And slow as molasses, it raises and elongates its back into a crackly stretch . . . then lays back down.

But here I am, 2010. It is a number of hope, asking for the commission of pure effort to carry us into success with all areas of life. I pray for all of us that success will come, in every way, across every sector of this earth.


  1. Thank you for the lovely wish and your input on my novelette "Strang" I am grateful for both. Every happiness in 2010 to you and yours.
    Warmest regards,

  2. You're more than welcome! Glad to have such sweet friends here!


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