A Little Game

Last night before going to bed, I sat down and started clicking through some old Time Magazines I'd found online. I found one about a rising new star named Robert Redford dated February, 1969. A glorious full color picture of his face spanned the front cover, which I drooled at for a moment then slid past to read some old adverts. Julia came up behind me and, after seeing an ad showing a man in different stages of gradual hair dying, started a game called, Which man will I marry?

"Not that one," she said, pointing to the man pre-hair dye. "Not that one," she continued, pointing to the other pictures of him in his chemically enhanced follicle progress. I waited for her to say that she would marry the final man in the picture--the same one in the beginning but with darker, glossy hair. Apparently she didn't like the way he looked, despite his doing so much to please her; money all spent on dye and nice-looking suit.

"What about this guy?" I asked, sliding the page up to show Robert Redford.

"Sure!" She caroled out without a pause, eyes wide in sudden adoration. "I'd marry him."

"I'd marry him too! I mean--if I wasn't married to your father already. Which I am, because I love him." Oh pooh, it's no fun having to be a mom sometimes.

She stared at me, not blinking.

"What? It's Robert Redford, geez! Go to bed already." I gave her a kiss before she walked away, nuzzling her sweet little nose with mine.


  1. Your Julia is one smart little lady and Robert what a dreamboat he was in the 70's. Makes me think of "The Way We Were," he's so very handsome.
    Thanks of the link.
    Warm regards,

  2. Yes, Julia is very smart and has great taste! I need to see if I can rent that movie--saw it a few years ago and loved it.

    Have a great weekend, Amy


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