Line Art

I've always loved line drawings. Thurber is my ink guru. His work, The Last Flower, influenced me early on in my time of artistic training. But, the real reason I love line drawings is because they are simple and clean with no fuss. And, as you can see, I love the human form. Life Drawing was one of my favorite classes way back when.

Titles are: Mother and Child, Two Left Feet, Backward Flower Girl, and Nude Lounge


  1. I like line drawings too, Amy. I don't like Picasso much, but the best things he ever did were line drawings, I think. Matisse, though...

  2. I actually really love almost all of Picasso's work. Some of the pure Cubist stuff turns me off. I went through a big phase—I wanted to go back and time and be his lover, haha. That was right around the time of my Alice Prin obsession.

    Thurber's more intelligent than I am. And much funnier in a subtle way.

    Matisse is pure, melting beauty to me.

  3. James Thurber? The cartoonist? Have I got it wrong? What do you mean, '...more intelligent...'? Sounds like you might be cannon-fodder for the Army of Ermas!

  4. Nice drawings! I can't draw, even if it's just a line. LOL! Thanks for sharing.: )

  5. I had no idea what the Army of Ermas was, but I just googled it. Interesting.

  6. I agree, I love the simplicity of line drawing. Sometimes the small things are the things we appreciate the most.


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