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One of my favorite books is Nowhere Man, a collection of journal entries by John Lennon written in the few years preceding his death. I loved his confessions on the trials of fatherhood, including prayers for growth and blessings to the gods for any success. I loved the dreams he wrote down, and the sexual, psychedelic quality of the way he saw everything in the universe.

He was hopelessly addicted to coffee and cigarettes though, and he lamented his trials with that. A fast would end, and he'd jump right back into his addiction. But the main thread of his life was not about his failures, it was about trying to be better. I love that he tried. Every day he tried. That's such a beautiful thing to me.

What I really loved about him was that he wore his heart on his sleeve. Oh wow, I just totally had an idea to make a psychedelic heart and put it on the sleeve of my old black leather jacket. That would be so cool. Since I already own dead animal flesh, I might as well work with it.

Here's my favorite video of him. Yoko's in there too. They're having fun messing with a whole roomful of minds.

Have a good day folks. Don't forget to tip your waitress over on the way out.


  1. I have never read the book but it sounds like something I should pick up!!! It would be quite the story I'm sure!

  2. Yoko came to my college in the 60's to give a 'lecture'. She turned up with about 4 security men wearing Armani suits, and ended up stealing the Head's watch, which she took silently away when she had blindfolded him with a sanitary towel. I met John once too - he was tiny.

  3. Oh my, Yoko. Well, let's just say I don't have the joyous love for her that others might, especially after reading she had John cremated when he voiced many, many times that he hated the idea.

    Little as in short or skinny, or both? Damn you for ruining my fantasy Tom Stephenson!!!!!

  4. Little as in short AND skinny. She is as mad as any other Japanese person I have ever met. (are you Japanese, Saia?)

  5. No. I'm French/Irish. And a hippie.


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