Tuesday I Beseech Thee, Don't Kiss My Betty Crocker Grits

I was looking through a 1950 Betty Crocker cook book that I have (it's a reprint) and thought it would be fun to try a different recipe every week and blog about it. So far, these old recipes seems to be quite good, which surprised me for some reason. I guess I thought time and trial would render these things archaic, but it's just not true. So, I need to figure out which one I'm going to try first. I should go basic, right? I'll do the Rich Yellow Cake, tender, buttery; will melt in your mouth. Okay, let's see. I'll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.

Health Care Reform. Wow. It's actually happening.
Can you believe all the drama going on over this thing? People are talking hate and all sorts of things I don't even want to mention. It's shocking, but typical of America to react this way. We resisted the end of slavery, even went to war over it. We resisted women's right to vote. We resisted equal rights. I think we are a stubborn country and incredibly fear-driven. This is a good chance for us to move forward in the right kind of way. Maybe other countries won't hate us so much any more.

Okay, and here's a pic of me with the beaded earrings
I love so much. I look like a freak, but whatever, you guys have never seen a picture of me so I'm going to do it and to hell with how goofy I look.


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't see you. How will I know what our blog babies will look like.


  2. Hmmm, darn Google. This isn't the first time I've had pictures act weird!

  3. Hey! I feel cheated! I can't see the picture either. : ( LOL. But the cookbook cake sounds YUMMY! Have a great day!!! ; )

  4. I can see the pic, Amy, and I think that you are another 59 years old bloke like me, pretending to be a woman, because you think I'm a 25 year old girl and you are grooming me into a situation of trust, so I fly out to N.Y. so you can take advantage of my extreme youth and good looks. Well, double-bluff or not, it won't work.

    Anyway, why just us guys? And why the hand behind the head?

    Re Healthcare - yep - let's hope it all goes through. Obama was BOUND to have a rough time with the first piece of social legislation, and it is true that Guantanamo Bay is still operational, thanks to a lot of pressure from the Secret Service and Military. Imagine the pressure his administration is under from all the pharmecutical companies, insurance companies, etc. etc. I hope he succeeds.

  5. My hand is there permanently due to a freak tar accident. I'm making the most of it. Oh, but you talk pretty sir.

  6. Tar, or Car? Or both? It reminds me of the story I heard recently about a (blonde) American woman who got into her car at the supermarket one hot afternoon, was about to pull away, then heard a loud bang from the rear seat. Something hit her head, and she felt the back of it, only to find her brains leaking out down her hair. She called an ambulance, and told them she had been shot and was holding her brains in - 'come quick' she said.

    When they arrived, they found that a packet of Dough-Boy pastry had exploded in the heat and some of it had smacked against the back of her head in the car.

    Sorry - I had to tell that story.

  7. Tar. And I don't like to talk about it 'cause it makes me cry. Funny story. I'd probably do something like that. MUCH worse than tar.

    Thank you Matt : )

  8. I'm guessing sun-bathing on a hot roof, but I'm only falling into the grooming trap.

  9. You look marvelous (Billy Crystal imitation). I saw a comparison of cook books from that era and similar cook books today. Our portion sizes are so much bigger. That was the main difference. Might help explain the obesity problem.

    Stephen Tremp

  10. I never thought about that! I read an article yesterday comparing the size of food on the table to the size of the faces of the disciples in the The Last Supper. I guess we have gradually increased our plate and portion sizes over time. But then, that would come with more food—and food variety—being available. They did not have supermarkets back then, lol.



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