Manic Monday

I know I promised it would be Music Monday, and it is . . . in a parallel universe. In this Universe, there will be no Music Monday.

Instead, I will just ramble on and on about myself.

Oh cripes, that's no fun.

Okay, maybe I'll just talk about my characters. Emma and William were in love and she was going to help him reverse his ghost-like invisibility in the Reaping, but she crashed the old Pontiac into Jesse's Camaro, and now she has amnesia. So . . . she wakes up at the hospital and William says he's her angel and she is falling in love with him all over again, but then Jesse shows up and says he loves her and that they were engaged to be married. Emma's like, "Wha? Okay, if you say so." And now she has to decide, all with a big bandage on her head, whether or not she should go to New York with Jesse, or stay and help this beautiful angel out who she's worried something bad is going to happen to.

Sigh. I think I'm going to make cookies today.

And here's The Cars


  1. " and she's like Wha?"

    that made me laugh out loud.

    fun concept for your work..I like it :)

  2. LOL! You're so funny. I think I need cookies too. Can I come over? : D

    Happy Monday!!

  3. Sure! Happy Monday to both of you!


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