Flowy Rivers of Color

I love the flowy prime colors of Paul Jenkins's art. He always leaves a little white (or tones of white) space and I think there's just something about that which hits a pleasure center in my brain. Why is that?

One thing I didn't know until last night was that he was born in Kansas City. Yay! There is hope for a midwest escape after all. Someone made it out!

One of my favorite films is An Unmarried Woman, with the wonderful Jill Clayburgh. Set in my favorite year to obsess over, 1979, it features a woman emerging from a decaying marriage in the crazy setting of New York. It shows her struggles to find herself after years of the usual womanly sacrifice to family. She dates, goes out with friends . . . and meets amazing Alan Bates. Yum. She has an awesome apartment in the movie, by the way. Complete fantasy if you ask me—no one is going to be able to afford that apartment working at a little art gallery, puleeeze.

What I loved about the movie is not the fact that she is unmarried, that's sad, it is the whole element of self discovery and vulnerability. I enjoyed how much she put herself out there and the results she harvested through the effort. Plus I love the art. There's one scene in particular where Alan Bates is working on an unframed length of canvas. It's wet, he's tossing colors across, and they run down in streams all over his messed up studio floor. Paul Jenkins's apartment by the way. His art, his studio, set to fiction. So cool. Julia and I have watched this clip a million times.

I think there's another Amy Saia living in New York experiencing all this which I can only fantasize about. I wish she'd write me some damn letters or send me her diary.

"There's something so damn Victorian about you!"


  1. I've never seen the movie but it sounds like one I should have my hands on!

    I always think about how there are other people exactly like me in cities I'd love to visit, living there fabulous lives and having afternoon tea, or sipping a cocktail with the girls from Sex and the City! Makes my life seem less dull! Hehe!

  2. Yep. I can see how that makes you feel good. There's an easyness about it all. Nice!

    Bisou, Cro.

  3. I haven't seen this film either.

  4. Love those flowing colours. Are you a fan of Rothko at all? He's amazing with his blocks of colour.

    I've never seen the film but one of my favourite books has a similar theme: 'The Awakening', by Kate Chopin. It's not very uplifting but it's a brilliantly told story.

  5. Jen- I guess that's why we have such great imaginations. We live vicariously through our dreams.

    Cro- haha, yes you do understand. Peace.

    Southpaw- That's okay. It was on a lot last year, maybe cable will start to run it again this summer.

    Talli- I've heard of Rothko, but can't place anything at this moment. I'll have to look up some of the art. And yes, I've heard of the book, but have never read it. Will now : )

  6. I love that painting. It's so simple, yet beautiful. I haven't seen that movie, but I'll be sure to check it out. Have a great day!! ;)


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