Saturday Faves

The weather has turned cold again, and the skies are tinged with gray. It's one of those days where a person wants to start running, just like Forrest Gump, and keep running until all the frustration of life is gone. Then, after all the miles have passed, you turn around and say, "What was I trying to escape and why am I here?"

Speaking of Forrest Gump, here's a funny video someone made, summersing the movie. Good stuff.

If you don't like Neil Young, then don't watch this. If you do, then do. Oh God, I love Neil Young so much. I know he looks like an old hawk sometimes, but it's all good, baby. I so hope I can see him play in Louisville this summer. Please, please, universe let me go!

And this is like the coolest thing I have ever seen. I love the whole design here. It gets really trippy at the end, but you gotta love that. It's The Beatles!

I crazy love David Hockney. Here he is with a wall of dachshund paintings. If you have a dachshund, you know the love . . .

Have a great Saturday, beautiful people!


  1. I liked the Gump vid. Hockney is a great champion for cigarettes these days - he's always campaigning in favour of them!

  2. Have a great Saturday, Amy! Thanks for sharing the videos. And keep on running. :)

  3. Excellent way to start a Saturday Amy!!!! Thanks so much!


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