Get Out Yer Vinyl!

I'm double posting, but it's okay. Why? Because tomorrow is Record Store Day! If you have a turntable then go visit your local vinyl slinger and pick up the latest tunes. I have so many records it's not even funny, but even so, I think I'll go have a visit in Lawrence, Ks tomorrow to pre-ruse all that oh so wonderful vinyl. I soooo want my next album to come out in record form! This is the cover (unless I change my mind).

If you don't have a an old record player, don't sweat it. YouTube is the god of people with too much time on their hands, and you, my dear friends, shall benefit from their wasted lives. I give to you, a video of a record being played. Grab that latte and pretend you love me.


  1. Okay, by next album, do you mean to say there are others? If so, why don't you have links to them? Or, do you mean next as in, next 'cause it's the next one out, even if it's also the first. Next is next. Like, this Saturday is the next Saturday, even though most people would mean next week.

    I've confused myself.


  2. Never mind. I just found your homepage and links galore. I'm going to have a listen.

  3. Tried to get into your website Amy, but it didn't really work for me. Is it new?

  4. P.S. The word I had to type in for the above was "promeat"!

  5. Did it ever work, Tom? There isn't any flash on the page, but there is some slight animation that might make it hard to load.

    Anyway, I just want to say that I hope this whole musician thing isn't freaking people out. I'm not famous or cool or anything. I'm just me. Hell, I'm still trying to find the confidence to get on stage and sing again. The cd was supposed to be out a year ago.

  6. Get up there, Amy - You're cool if not famous - yet!


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