Look Through Any Window . . . well, except mine

Tom asked to see people's window views. Since mine is a boring neighborhood, I thought I'd show the scene I painted for my kitchen window. It has some serious wear from being rolled up and down every day. And by the way, it was my little joke to cram Rome all together like that.


  1. What a lovely view! Did you paint it on a roll up blind? I once painted on a shower curtain liner. I taught in an open space school with lots of dividers and shelves. I hung my painting over a shelf to hide all the teacher junk I had stored there. Sometimes you just have to hide a bad view. :)

  2. I sewed up two lengths of canvas to make it wide enough for the window. The view outside is nice. Nice and boring!

  3. I'd love to see what's behind the blind. This is cheating!

    Did my Magic Wand work?

    Bisou, Cro.

  4. It helped a lot! Oh ****, I'll have to take a pic of the outside, darnitt. Geez.

  5. Yes Amy, if you take a picture of the real view, Cro can paint a copy of it on a roller blind so he doesn't have to look at all those bloody fields and trees.

  6. Bernard Levin said "I've never seen a landscape that wouldn't look better under a foot of concrete". Chacun son gout!

  7. I love it!!! This is so neat, what a great idea to get a view of what you really want! I would love to see what's behind it of course, boring neighbors can be just as interesting someimtes... LOL


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