Interesting Fortune

I usually don't do these things, but I saw a free three-card tarot reading online and this is what it gave me.

Past- Withholding knowledge or sources. A manipulator or fraud. Superficial show of knowledge. One playing the role of haughty queen (me??). Ignorance. Egoism. Waste of talent. Hollow existence.

Present- Fluctuating economic fortune. Balancing act. Tricky launch of new project. Qualms. Risky venture. Timing and dexterity. Shadowy scene and cunning characters. Juggling resources. Thinking on your feet. Agility needed to sail high seas. Uncanny instinct. Crafty business partner. A vague, even peculiar situation that keeps one guessing on their toes. The dance of opposites. Ambiguity.

Future- Hope. Inspiration. Guiding star. Moment of grace and peace. Freedom. Early signs of life taking on new pattern. Freedom after trials. Chance for escape. First sign of dawn. Release. Self-reliance. Clever, inspired ideas. Listening for direction. A quickening. salvation. Empowerment. Destiny. A time of farseeing. Taking steps to save one's self—not giving into resignation. Enlightened idea. Planning. Thaw of the ice. Return of life force. Rejuvenation. Drawing strength from nature.


  1. How fantastic is that? A future of hope and grace and empowerment? Sign me up for that reading!

  2. I know! Not going to argue with a good fortune, haha.

  3. May I borrow some of your clever inspired ideas? Please??? LOL> :)

  4. I'll send them your way Kimberly! But you don't need them to much I think ; )

  5. Come off it Amy. The past, rotten. The present, OK. The future, rosy. What a load of old codswallop. I could throw four frogs on the floor and predict THAT!

    Bisou, Cro.

  6. I predicted that you were going to say something like that, Cro. How spooky is that?


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