Ideas on a Wednesday

The laundry is done, but the dishes are still waiting. Can't seem to ever get away from those dishes! I had a monster headache, but overall it was a nice day hanging out with the kids while they played in the sprinkler.

I was listening to Queen last night and thinking how cool it would be if I could get a tribute band together with me as a female Freddy Mercury. Wouldn't that be awesome?! I was singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the shower, and darnitt but I can belt out the notes—I'm serious. Okay, let's just face it, I'm dying to strut on stage. With all this writing going on, I have severely ignored that side of me which is the flashaholic. It's been several years since I got on stage, and I think it's high time I was in a band again. Back then, I was too serious, trying to make a name for myself and all of a sudden I have this fierce wild showperson inside that is just dying to come out. Probably won't happen, but I might see if I can get some guitar dudes together and see what happens. If I do this, I am totally going to get a fierce hair style and some wicked high heels.

Sometimes I have to fight between the serious writer and the wild musician that I am. But why should I have to choose? Being a musician is what makes me the kind of writer I am you know? It's part of my viewpoint, I think.

Anyway. Have a great night . . . morning . . . where do all of you live again?


  1. Red high-heels, and red lippy. Can't fail. Go on, get those musicians together!

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. p.s. My word verification was tentamp (tent-amp). If that isn't the sign of a festival gig, then I'm a teapot!

  3. Those verification words are trippy sometimes.

    Red heels would be cool!

  4. A very creative soul, got to work on both of your passions! Live in the moment, enjoy each day as it comes whether you're the writer, singer, or whatever creative being you want to be that day!!

    It's 6:43AM here... and I live in Texas :)

  5. Thanks for saying that Jen. You know what's funny is I don't generally tell people about my musical side because they form a certain view. As a writer, it feels like it would be hard to be taken seriously with that on my back. But then, I can't deny it either.

  6. Queen rocks! I think many writers have other things that interest them besides writing. It's what makes us good writers (hopefully!).

  7. I think you're right Talli. What would we write about if we didn't try all these other things?


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