Top Ten Non-Satirical Reasons Why I love My Book

10. The year is 1979, and I
love the 70's.

9. The setting is Southern Indiana in the Ohio Valley, one of the prettiest areas in the U S of A.

8. My evil guys hide out in caves. Caves are spactastalistic.

7. I always dreamed of writing about a ghost-guy someday. And you know what? I did a darn fine job. William (Billy Joe Bennett) is my favorite character out of any I've ever read. I truly love him.

6. There's a 1972 SS Camaro in The Soul Seekers. Enough said.

5. When I feel down or in doubt about myself as a writer, I read my book and remember exactly why I love doing this.

4. As a child I experienced a little of what life is like in a religious cult. I think I made it accessible to the reader, but at the same time, larger than life.

3. I brought to life the very real feelings of isolation and loneliness in a small town setting. All of my characters have a flaw that they must overcome. And just like life, some don't, but their flaws make them human to the reader.

2. Emma Shay is such a hippie, book and record lovin' girl. She won't stand for no, and yet she is kind and delicate. I cried several times at some of the things I made her go through (and still have to cause I'm writing the second and third books as we speak).

1. The dialogue. OMG the dialogue. This is my strength as a writer, I think. The love story between Emma and William would be nothing without some of the awesome things they say to each other. I don't want to rest on it, but I am proud of it!


  1. Ok, I tried to post on this twice now and my computer went kaputz on me twice. Hopefully this one will stick!

    It sounds like you have a great book! I wish you the very best in querying.

    I live in Indiana, so I understand the sentiment. We also used to go camping in southern Indiana. It's a beautiful area!

  2. I had blog trouble last week, so I know your pain!

    I'm hoping to go down there sometime this summer. The Wyandotte caves are closed, but I think Marengo is still open. Oh man, it would be so sweet to go!

  3. Ah. I see you've covered my last suggestion in No 7. No 4, jumpin lizards!!!!!

    All the best, Amy. Cro.

  4. Nice way to boost your belief in yourself! Great stuff! Your book sounds very interesting too! :)

  5. Thank you Alli (hehe), that's really nice of you and makes me feel good!

    Cro, you're too funny!

  6. Every time I stop by I am learning a little bit more about your book and loving it even more!!! You crack me up sharing all these reasons but they're all valid ones so keep up the great work!

  7. Thanks Jen! I was just heading over to yar bloggidy-blog.

  8. I love caves! Bring on the caves. And dialogue!

  9. I like the hiding in caves idea. Those are all great reasons!!!

  10. Talli and Kimberly- glad you like the caves (hehe). Caves ROCK (pun intended)


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