Just call me Mary Poppins

This summer I will be taking care of my niece and nephew, along with Julia and Liam. Let's just say I am already anticipating a drastic loss of writing time in my life, especially in the blogger world (which I can't seem to keep up with anyway). BUT, I am happy that all the kids will be together, and I have a lot of projects planned to make the days go by super fast.

One of the big projects is for the kids to write, direct and film their own movies. I know my nephew Tommy will love this. Rose will like the project if she can write about animals, and Julia adores Rose so they'll probably work together on that. Liam . . . oh lord. Liam is three and has a fit every five seconds now, it seems. Just had one—seven in the morning. Let's just say that the whole summer while I'm teaching art and helping the kids write and film, etc, my extra appendage called Liam Asher Lakota, will be clinging to my leg. That's fine. It's fine. I'M FINE.

Another thing I'm planning is a lot of trips to the nature park. There is this really cool trail that goes up the side of a forest hill, across, then down to a creek. We've done it a few times and the kids seem to like that. They offer classes at the nature center, and I hope to get them enrolled in some of those as well.

Another major project is for them to write their own books. We did this a few years back, and they've never forgotten. I did tons of illustrations that summer, let me tell ya, and I'm sure this summer will be no different, though Tommy is great at art, so he won't need me to illustrate his. I'm definitely going to show you his work—he's amazing!

The rest of the space will be filled with trips to the pool, park, popsicles, riding bikes, roller skating, playing video games, watching movies . . . And somewhere in there, I'll be frantically trying to write: early in the morning, late at night, in a notebook during any spare moment of the day, at dinner—whenever. I swear, if I have to stay up all night every night, I will.

And there you have it: I'm the Kid Whisperer. Summer awaits.


  1. I trust you have a VERY LARGE CARPET BAG, just like the one Ms Poppins had.

    Bon courage. Bisou, Cro.

  2. Summer is tough on our writing, but it seems you have some fun stuff planned. I have a 'summer ideas' notebook I use for those dragging days ... it's full of craft and activity ideas (bike parade, homemade playdough recipes, tent in livingroom...that's a favorite). Have fun, what a great auntie you are!

  3. Cro, I don't, but now that you mentioned it . . .

    Tess, I have the playdough recipe memorized, lol. I really like your idea of the activity notebook!

  4. The Kid Whisperer...I love it! I'm sure you'll walk away from the summer exhausted but full of creative energy. :)

  5. Aw, aren't you sweet. But that sucks for the loss of writing time. I hope it all works out for you. At least summer is short! :)

  6. My aunties were 'kid hollerers'. It's going to be a long summer!


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