Summer is Almost Here

Why does summer hold so much expectation? Why does it melt, and take away all the stiff, harsh layers of winter with only one touch of its warm breeze? In summer, I can run free with bare feet and hair flying in braids. Fireflies circle through all the wild grass, and the whole earth buzzes; the locust; the cicada; the infant birds up in a nest; the frogs out in the ditch. Summer smiles down at me and begs for my release, so that there is no past between us, only now, with the clouds, and the coneflower and its buzzing bumblebee. Purple and gold; sweet and sting. Somewhere in the distance, a train rumbles by and I listen. Listen. Listen.


  1. Not even Wordsworth could have said it so beautifully.

    Grosses bises, Cro.

  2. Thank you. I truly love summer: )

  3. I love, love, love summer! It's beautiful! You described it perfect, I already feel like running barefoot, too bad I have to work 8 hours first!

  4. You should play hooky and we could walk down through the haunted forest together like Anne and Diana.


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