Writing is easy, writing is easy, writing is easy . . .

As I slowly merge into writing the second book again (put on hold back in January to revise the first) I can feel the tightening of my shoulders for all the words ahead, not yet written. Usually not one to give into writer's block, I nevertheless anticipate the finding of each string of words, one after the other, praying for a rush of thoughtless flow.

Have you ever been working on a scene and it was like pulling teeth? You get something down, then stop, think, erase, write it again . . . Painful, right? And yet, when I've written like that and then later gone back to check, it all read smooth. No one would ever know the long coffee-filled hours it took to produce only a few pages of text.

There's a word angel sitting over my shoulder advising me for or against every sentence. It's a good thing. A glorious thing. No more the innocent word scribbler, we struggling writers are scholars of good grammar and thoughtful construction.

But again, I haven't forgotten Ferona and the good gifts she brings. Perhaps she can suspend me, just a little, over this manuscript and allow the words to flow . . . with a bit more ease.


  1. In both my painting and my writing, I like to work at great speed, in short bursts, then leave well alone and go to do something entirely different (usually a long walk or gardening). Then I return refreshed, and re-work everything. I do this over and over until I'm 100% satisfied; then I start all over again. TOO MUCH TIME spent IN FRONT OF the keyboard is soul-destroying; and the soul needs air, and exercise, and relaxation. Cro.

    WV: deskyh

  2. You're right. And not only that, every person works different. I used to hate it when a certain art teacher made me feel as if I was a cheater because I could draw fast. I hate fussy in art, and like simple lines, so for me, fast is how I work—like you.

    The only thing is, with writing, you have to take the time. Yes, I agree that a person needs to get up and live so they can write. But a book does not write itself. A writer is going to spend a lot of time in front of the computer—I spend most of mine early in the morning. Even when it's hard, I still love it and am happy for every sentence and the time spent.

    Although starting next week, I probably won't have any time in front of the computer. School is out for summer. I'm going to be handwriting everything.

    Love and Peace,

  3. It drives me nuts when I can't find the word to describe a sound. I spent a week trying to figure out how to spell the sound of an air raid siren. I wish I knew how to make my font roll like waves...then my whrrr would be perfect. :)

  4. I am in a rut as well. I have this great story I want to tell but I am having a horrid time with the opening chapter. Just throwing it all down on page and planning to revise it later when the "groove" kicks in.

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  6. I think my post came off sounding as if I hate writing. Sorry, and thank you for hanging in there with me you guys!! I seriously love you all so much!

    I'm so proud to be a writer. Yes, it is hard, but I love it. Just today, I struggled with the end of a chapter but it was well worth it. In fact, it's probably one of the best things I have ever written. Do I think a writer should struggle? No. It's just a phase that I personally am going through and it will change like everything else in life.

    I also think I should say that it is great when people can write with ease. Nothing wrong with that. I've been having trouble, but again, it is part of the process and I am proud to be in it.

  7. Thank you Sharon and Bonnie. Happy Friday to you!

  8. Every book is different, I think, and poses its own unique challenges. For me there are always some scenes that are like pulling teeth!

  9. Hi Talli! Yes—it's all just sets of phases, isn't it? The most important thing is that the reader never knows any difference, haha.


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