Beautiful Saturday

In yesterday's post, I think I came off sounding as if I hate to write, or that I somehow find it a chore. Don't hate it. At all. I love to write. Yes it is hard sometimes, but all things have their difficulty.

Over on Absolute Write there have been countless threads concerning whether a person should wait for inspiration to write. So, so many people have expressed their opinion that a true writer does not wait for inspiration, they plant their butts down in a chair and they get to work. No, it's not always fun, but I doubt that anyone would put any time into this craft if they did not love it. There's no real money, no fame, no round of applause after each finished chapter. A writers' true reward is the joy of creation and the knowledge that they, too—through hard work—are becoming better at their craft. I know I personally grew up writing, thinking, talking backwards and so it is a constant struggle. But I LOVE doing this, and am proud of what I have accomplished. I'm especially proud of all the people I meet here. You guys are so talented and it's truly amazing.

I wrote a post a long time ago about having Grace. Through life, I have had to teach myself (and I'm still learning obviously) to be patient, to think before speaking, to give love not hate, to see the truth inside each person and not be quick to judge. That is Grace to me. I hope I can hold onto this vision no matter what I take on or who I meet or wherever I may go. The road to being an author is a particularly hard one, but joyous. Grace comes naturally with the happiness I find.

Have a great day. Peace and Love,


Here's some Michael Jackson.


  1. Well said, Amy. If only we could all possess that 'grace'.

    Have a lovely weekend, Cro.

  2. It's the same story with everything - any art, properly done, is just hard work, like any other job. It really is as simple as that. The people who make it look easy seem to be born with that basic understanding, and they don't seem to suffer the delusions and self-doubt that most others do, they just work more efficiently from the beginning.

  3. Tom, I return to the salty problem of 'slickness'. Isn't that a danger with ease?

  4. Ah, the sun has been out for two straight days, so I'm having a good weekend as you suggested Cro. Hope yours is good as well.

    Tom- great insight


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