Last night was really rough. I had to go in early with some other folks to learn more dance steps, and then perform it just half an hour later with vocals. Not so good! But hey, we tried. Tonight the whole band comes in and the goal is to run the entire show by 10pm. So, more stress. It's so hard to remember those words when all the other stuff is swimming around up there!

But it's all good. Once I have all the dance steps and crazy words locked in my brain, it will be autopilot. Come on brain!
And add to that all the running around I had to do yesterday with registering the kids for school. I took them to the Dr's office on Monday to drop off their physical forms that needed to be filled out, then we went yesterday to pick them back up, then to Julia's school, then to Liam's. Then to the store. Then to practice. Oy.


  1. Is it bad that I don't want to listen to Lady Gaga? I just... I'm over her.

    Happy Wednesday.

  2. There, I took the Gaga off : ) She is really too much and I hate to make people feel like they have to watch a video.

  3. That is hectic. When does the calm come?

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  5. Hope your week has been good!!! Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a little blog love :) Come check it out!


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