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I do most of my writing early in the morning, as that is the only time I really have to myself. I remember reading that Mary Higgins Clark used to do that when her kids were little, 5-7 every morning, she says. Then it's time to be Mom all day with little stolen moments to rush in and write. I'm up a little bit late today, but that's okay, I'll deal.

I actually wrote for about an hour last night after supper and put down some amazing things. You know the kind, you're beaming while you write, almost giddy with excitement and happiness? I wish I hadn't of had to step away, but Julia needed me to do some things and then there was laundry and dishes. I would have said screw it to the housework, but since Julia had me out of the office chair anyway, I went ahead and dove into all that miserable stuff. Actually, I like doing laundry and dishes because they give me time to think. But yeah, thinking and actually typing words into a document are two different things.

Enough about writing. How is everyone enjoying their summer so far? We're past the solstice and so that means we should enjoy every day we get from here on out, because they're all slowly sliding into Autumn. In just a few weeks I'll be registering the kids in school! The thought makes me excited and sick. I hate it when the house is empty, and Liam has never left me, not for more than a few hours. What will I do without my little buddy every morning? Okay, I'm not going to think about it. Here comes my usual fall melancholy. I'll just fight it off with some Tina Tuner and a walk in the park.

Take care and Peace!


  1. Just look at it this way...more time to write...and its only a few hours! But then again I don't have kids so I wouldn't know yet. But if I had to put my cat in school I would miss him he is my snuggle bunny.

  2. How very true! I'll still be sad, but yes, happy after a few weeks have passed. That would be funny if they had cat school, haha! I'd totally get a live video feed of that.

  3. God it's a stinker here Amy. Just looked, and it's 35 in the shade!! We're being promised violent HAIL storms for tomorrow evening. You can't win.

    Snuggle Bunny? Here in France, use of such words is an imprisonable offence!

    Bisou, Cro.

  4. Thinking is great, especially when you are able to multi-task while doing so :)

    Glad you are grabbing those stolen moments!

    Summer is so far rainy, it seems the hurricane that blew through would like to leave us more rain so I'm looking at several days of it... other than that it's peachy!! :) Movies, popcorn, shopping, indoor mini golf, the works!

  5. Sounds depressing Cro. Looks like our sun finally came out here, but only after days of rain like you. Hope the hail doesn't hurt any of your plants.

    Jen- rain for you too? Oh no! Go away rain! Well, at least for a week or so : ) I love all your activities. I'm dying to go see Eclipse again. Maybe sometime this week . . . And mini golf sounds fun!

  6. I was talking 35 degrees C. That's HOT.

  7. Yikes! But we still don't want summer gone yet. Let's just hope it cools off a little, but with the sun still shining. That's not too much to ask, right?

    Take care!

  8. It’s hard to imaging autumn is on its way with 100 degree weather and 60% humidity!

  9. It's crazy hot here and I'm so ready for Autumn. I love fall so much!!

  10. I love fall too, but I get really sad when summer fades away. I don't know why . . .


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