Me reckless? Ahhhhhhhh!

Okay, so I'm not even close to that one-hundred page goal, but I did get a whole chapter written. The thing is, having a goal, any goal, is a good producer of content, so that makes it worth it in my opinion. The way I see it, if I'm pushing myself to write more and more, then that gets the ball rolling. Inertia will kick in and the muse will come around. If not, I'll still be writing no matter what.

I'm one of those people who dips my toe into the water before jumping in the pool. Okay, I don't jump into pools—ever. I don't jump out of bed, or race out the front door. I have to slowly work my way into every situation. But perhaps, since this is wild and crazy week (whoooo!) I will jump into the pool and rush out the door. It would be good for me! Unless I break a leg or arm or something, then I won't be doing anything much less writing, what with a cast around my hand and all. Darn recklessness!

Maybe I'll just write about being wild and crazy. Yeah. And I'll listen to this great song.

Have a great day!


  1. Couldn't get to see the video. I'll just have to imagine what it was!

    Go on, DIVE IN. Cro.

  2. It was Five For FIghting- The Riddle. Vevo is such a weird video player, I don't know why Youtube uses it!

    But anyway, yes Cro, I'm really trying to break past my usual stubbornness and just let things fly (or jump). Take care today!

  3. Hehe too funny! I love that you don't rush while doing anything, I'm the exact opposite, rushing out the door, leaving plenty of time for panic room or bad situations only to still be left stressed.

    I think this week I'll take your approach, live life one step at a time (however I do test the water like you... that is something I do take my time on)

    Great video!

  4. I'm the exact opposite! I always rush in. I'm constantly telling myself to SLOOOOOW down and not just jump into things!

    Love the video!

  5. Jen, it'll be like we're trading places this week! Hey, that means you get to take care of my kids then. Oh yes!

    Talli- you're a go-getter, a really cool thing to be!


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