Stay Positive

A few months ago I mentioned the book The Secret, and how it seemed like a bunch of flimsy ideals, which is ironic as I'm basically an idealist. But I have to say, I have gone through the book again and I kind of like the whole 'manifest your dreams' theory. It involves being positive and staying positive, not an easy thing to do sometimes. There is a film reel of negativity that has played in my head since birth, and the button gets pushed every once in a while, "You're an idiot, a horrible writer, you'll never succeed." I could go on, but no need for the rest of the world to see my hell. It's a little bit OCD and a lot SAD. So . . . from now on (actually from last week) I will allow no more negative thoughts to enter my brain. As soon as I hear the tape being played, I am going to shut it off and replace it with something positive.

From now on, I will be manifesting the good stuff. Watch out world . . .


  1. Yay Amy! :D Stay positive - your ideas are far too amazing to be trunked because of a few measley rejections.

    Manifest that awesomeness, and never surrender! X

  2. Thank you so much Caitlin! And I have a secret . . . an agent asked for a full. Oh yeah! Plus, I've had more and more people sending me notes asking when the book is going to come out. Just gotta keep my head up, work hard and be patient : )

    Happy 4th to you!


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