1970's Treat

Here are some classic 1970's ads, some very cheesy. Okay, really, really cheesy. But I love that about the '70's. You had the dreamers and nobody was trying to be cool because you can't be cool in polyester.

You all know this one, but watch it again. And yes, all the kids in the neighborhood went around singing this tune. Everyone did.

Can't forget the Crying Indian. Aw, the days when a little trash was our worst evil.

We used to drink Kool-aid. It was pure fake flavor and food dye. Just add a crapload of sugar and some water. Oh YEAH!!! That Kool-aid guy was always busting down somebody's fence or wall—kind of scary now that I think of it. Oh well. It's red and refreshing!

This is bad, but Liam has this commercial memorized. It's like a skit we do, and it's so cute to hear him sing, "The fwavor wasts so wongwongwong in Bubble Yum bumbum POP!" Of course, I have to be scary puppet dude in the sketch.

Can't forget the Purina Chuck Wagon commercial. The dog kind of reminds me of Benji, who was the hottest dog actor around in those days. Dad ran the projector at a local movie theater and so us kids got to watch many, many episodes of Benjj running around solving capers. "Red juicy chunks . . ."

Oh the work that went into this. And look, the tires didn't even melt. "This is the SS 350, with rally sport equipment, wicked black grill and a fuselage that bulges around a 350 cubic inch V8 engine. . .wide, big car stance for road-hugging stability . . . back seat up, back seat down . . . shaped for action, all the way back to its sporty rear deck." Sweet! I'll take the coupe please.

Okay this ad is HOT. I love it. I have to admit, I kind of dig Old Spice and think it's one of those classic roughish, manly scents. MMMMM.

I won't be here for a few days, so take care and enjoy the retromercials. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July everyone!!


  1. I think they should make 'Chuck Wagon' for people too.

    Happy 4th. Bisou, Cro.

  2. I think it was real food in that commercial! Looked a lot like gourmet beef stew in that doggy dish.

  3. Hope you're off having a great holiday, Amy...

    and, what do you mean we USED to drink kool aid? It's in my fridge right now! Ever make ice cubes out of it? oh yeah...that's summer :D


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