Balloon Heart

It has been an interesting week with both the kids starting school: Liam for the first time with preschool, and Julia with kindergarten. I have to race around town trying to get them to their classes on time, and then race back a few hours later to pick them both up (different schools). I wouldn't call it fun, but it is exciting and I love to see my babies in this whole new stage of life.

Though I have to say, summer went by way too fast. I mean, here we were just starting to get a regular schedule going at the pool. We had our Queen theme song and our snacks and full bottle of sunscreen. We had Mario Head and Spore and Justin Bieber on Youtube (don't actually watch these, they're very moronic and of a fifth grade humor. I spent all summer NOT watching them myself). We had crafts and books, apple picking and laughter. Dammit, we had mountains of cookies!!! Now . . . it's all so quiet. Geez I get melancholy about this stuff. I'm supposed to be excited that the kids are out of my hair for awhile. But I'm not. I miss them when they're gone. I just want them to be a little less annoying when they're home, and not make a mess everywhere, is that too much to ask?

Well, not much I can do about it. And hey, Julia's only gone for the morning and Liam's off on Fridays (we dropped sis off and went and had a donut together this morning). So all is not completely lost. Sigh. It's so crazy being a mom. You're torn this way and that. Your heart is like a balloon that keeps getting blown up till you think it'll explode, then all the air is let out unexpectedly.

There's always next summer.


  1. Just wait till they get bigger; that's when the fun starts!

  2. This brings back memories! My youngest of four is now 40 years old!! Enjoy them while they're young. It sounds like you do. But as Cro Magnon says, it's also very exciting when they're older.

  3. Oh boy. What kind of fun are we talking about?

  4. My wife is full of mixed feelings as this year marks the year that all 3 of our kids are in school for full days (youngest is now up to 1st grade).

    She's got plenty to do that will take the time, but she's a little apprehensive about missing having one of the kids with her during most of the day.

  5. Isn't it funny? Because it's all we can thing about when the kids are driving us nuts every day, yet it's terribly strange to not have them around.

  6. Bicycle Race by Queen was my official theme song of growing up, too! My mom would play it on her computer in the basement when it rained. Brings back memories :)

  7. My baby is 14. She is taking one sophmore level class at the high school and one sophmore level class at junior high and the rest of her classes at the jr high...Talk about time flying...Enjoy every precious momment. :)

  8. indie-grrl, that is awesome!

    Sharon- thank you : )

  9. I have no babies, but I can sympathize. I hope you have a great weekend!!


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