Good Kind of Day

Just wanted to say Happy Sunday, hope things are well. I'm working hard on a new short story, so that's what is keeping me from being around so much.

I'm listening to some good music, got my cup of coffee, it's rainy, cloudy outside but I kind of like that for this pre-fall Sunday morning. Kinda diggin' it. I'll return later with the story for those of you who need a good Saia tale (harhar) and then erase it later before the commi-gods come and kick me in the buttox.



  1. Stinking hot here, Amy. It's either stay indoors and sleep, or jump in the pool. Your rain sounds rather nice, but no doubt we have plenty coming our way for later.

    Happy Sunday writing. Bisou, Cro.

  2. Happy Sunday! It's overcast and kind of humid here - typical London summer.

  3. Happy Sunday Amy - though it's Sunday evening here now. Looking forward to reading your story!

  4. Talli- It's hot and sunny here now, so I'm sort of joining you : )~

    mollygover- Happy Sunday to you too! The story is quite long, so don't feel bad if you don't end up reading it. Thanks for stopping by!


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