Good Writing Day

I've been writing short stories lately and I just finished one that, when I woke up this morning, I was kind of unsure about. I was worried that after all the the work I'd done this week, and how well it was going, that I would somehow macerate it to pieces today. But I didn't. I just had a major epiphany while I wrote it. I'm crying; I'm so relieved. I was writing it and this epiphany was going on for me and for my character and now I'm overwhelmed. It's times like this that I am reminded exactly of why I write. And I'm so grateful for this!


  1. LOL I love moments like that! I especially love it when my own characters make me cry! (Hmm, is that a little insane?)

  2. Yay!!! Those moments are the best, when you are so mixed with emotions they all come pouring out because you finally figured it out!!

  3. Short story writing is so envigorating. I have stacks of them hidden away. Undiscovered talent in the sock drawer. There are thousands of us, Amy. Let you be the one who IS discovered.

  4. Amy I enjoy your writing too. Like Cro said - Let you be the one who IS discovered.

  5. You guys, that is so sweet and I don't know what to say. I hope I'm published someday just to make you proud! Hugs and kisses xoxo

  6. Hi Amy,
    Isn't that amazing? I get those moments too. I understand you when you said you "had a major epiphany". I get ideas in the middle of the night, or walking to work, or even doing the dishes, and I get a feeling of urgency that I have to put it on paper. Once I start, my characters guide me and tell me how the story will end. I absolutely love writing short stories!

  7. Thank heavens there was no maceration.

    I dig the short stories you post. Keep 'em coming.

    And you deserve an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up.

  8. Claudia- yay for the that!

    Matt- Oooh, I"m heading over now. Thank you!


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