Creating a Web Presence Doesn't Cost a Dime

Many writers start to think about creating a web presence long before publication. But websites, videos, all of that can be pretty expensive stuff. So I wanted to write a quick blog about some of the things a writer can do that won't break their account, or take too much time from their busy schedule.

1. I saw that our sweet and charming Talli Roland uses Wix for her author website, and I thought it looked very professional. The best thing? It's free. Pick out a template that works for you, and just enter the text and pictures.

2. Blogger, Wordpress, etc. We're all here utilizing our talents, networking, and honing our skills. We're talking contests (sassy Kimberly Franklin just had one for the upcoming The Mockingbirds and has a whole list of fantastic contests on her sidebar), author interviews (like the beautiful Jen's amazing summer series that just came to an end), clips of work, funny snippets. You name it, it's all here.

3. YouTube. You can make a book trailer for a relatively low price, depending on the images and song copyrights, and post it on YouTube. Wise and wonderful Tess Hilmo has written a few blogs about this, so if you're interested, hop on over and take a look. If you hire an outside developer for the project, it might cost you a bit, but will remove any stress of having to do it yourself. YouTube can also be utilized for author interviews, recorded book readings, etc.

4. Using sites like AbsoluteWrite or will not only help you learn the craft, but expose you to a whole world of publication, authors, editors, agents, lit mags, contests, and more, so much more.

5. Facebook. Create your own author page, or book page, and ask friends to become fans. Then ask them to tell their friends to join. I know a guy who writes a fake journal about a town called Timber Haven. It's great stuff and it's free. He's getting his chops in and he's offering something special to the public.

6. Tweet, re-tweet. I admit, I'm ain't a good Twitterer yet, but I do love seeing everyone's updates. I've read so many great interviews and blogs from the suggestion of others. Follow an agent and see just how hectic and amazing the literary world really is. Post a link to your new blog, art project, poem, book signing, YouTube video, book trailer, author interview (you get the point). Again it's F-R-E-E.

7. Just for prosperity, I wanted to mention Jessica's (The Alliterative Allomorph) contest. She's such a cool gal and this is a great opportunity for writers. Take a look.

And that's it. You don't have to be rich to get your name out there. You just have to be willing to put in a little time and effort. Just watch your presence grow!


  1. Great tips, Amy! It's important to remember everything you put online is out there with your name attached to it. So you want to make sure you are projecting the image you want everyone to have of you right from the start. :)

  2. Much better to get a book out there. I still think you should consider self-publishing. Then maybe sell via 3 and 5.

    Bisou, Cro.

  3. Kim- I just added you to the post! I thought about it last night and did a V-8 slap to my head that I'd forgotten you : (

    Sharon- Thank you, and very true.

    Cro- Sigh, a very painful topic for me. But what I've decided is to submit my poor little book to a small press, and hope for the best. It was my first and I'm grateful for everything I learned in a year of querying and editing, etc. I won't do the self-publishing yet because it does cost more than I can afford at the moment, and also because I would prefer it to be run through an editor before publication.

    Actually, I'm still waiting on one last agent to respond from a partial request. She said it would be a long wait, and it has been. As soon as she says yes or no, I'll send it out to a list of small presses.

    You've always been so sweet about my writing. Thank you for that, Cro! Peace

  4. Aw, you're too sweet! Thanks for the add. :)


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