I just can't quit you!

Another day commeth and drove away. Now it's Tuesday and time to really get serious about this week, the last of August. I've almost finished that Larry McMurtry epic, but let me tell ya, it was tough. I liked Patsy, then I hated Patsy. I loved reading about the rodeo and Sonny Shanks, Pete and Hank and Flap and Emma . . . but the same things kept happening over and over, and I got tired. But I am going to read those last few pages, or die trying. The funny thing is that when I'm done, I'll probably go get another one of his novels. Oh boy, what's wrong with me?

What are you guys reading? Do you read the back cover before deciding, or the first few pages, or (gasp) flip through to the end (cheaters)?


  1. Mostly menus Amy. My life, for the moment, circulates around which restaurants to eat at. One more week and it'll be all diet, and back to the grind-stone.

  2. Hey menus aren't too far off from a novel. They should have a snippet on the back, "This menu will take you to exciting places you never expected! When a plate of mussels meets some butter and a mysterious smelling garlic, things get steamy. That is ,until the mussels see a big noodle to hitch a ride on, and it's a rollicking, ravenous adventure against fate (and ketchup). Critics agree, this is a real dish!"

  3. I read the back, then flip through a few pages to see if I like the voice. I just finished reading e2, a novel told entirely through emails and texts. It was interesting, if bit of an effort!

  4. I read the back cover first, and then the first page and then a bunch of pages in the middle before making my decision. And I flip to the end of a book all the time but I don't mean to... It's only for a second though. :3

  5. I am reading 'The Shell Seekers' by Rosamunde Pilcher. I read it ages ago but loved it - so second time around. Trouble is I already know the ending!

  6. Talli- I shouldn't say exactly. I am not reading the same book that you are, lol.

    Amanda- I don't read through the middle, but when I was a kid I used to read the last few paragraphs. Ugh! Don't know what made me do that!

    Molly- Sounds very nice! I have a few favorites that I re-read every once in a while. Nothing wrong with that!

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