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Okay, so I know many of you do the whole Twitter thing, Facebook, and of course we all blog. These activities are part of an online presence that we use to build our career, draw in fans, spread news about our projects, contests, etc. Let's say you're shy like me, but let it loose online. People who don't know me think I'm very quiet and reserved, but spend enough time, and maybe some liquor, and I'm ME. I gotta trust ya first. Well, so people online are getting to see and hear the real me all the time (for better or worse) and so if I ever met them, there'd be no shyness, no reason to hide anything. That's what an online presence does. It draws like-minded people, because no one's going to read a blog or follow someone on Twitter if they can't stand them. Basically, we're not wasting any time here; we're targeting the right places instead of aimlessly walking through a town hanging promotional posters that will only be thrown away. We're also making friends.

I find that kind of amazing. If we all met up we'd probably get along better than some people we know in our day-to-day, real life existence. We'd see past the quirks, the shyness, the seemingly uptight snobbishness.

So, my point is that although these things seem time consuming or technically intimidating, they are a great venue for our talents. And if used correctly, will bring you some really positive results.

Do you find this to be true in with your online experiences? How do you use the internet to further your connections and spread the word about your writing?


  1. Oh lordy, my synapses sure are moving slow today. This post took more work than you can imagine, ha. Need more sleep . . .

  2. Amy, I totally agree with you 110%! Plus we're writers and most of us are more ourselves in this venue than in social situations. I know I am! It would be awesome to meet my blogging friends in person.

  3. I don't do FaceBook or Twitter, but I did belong to an online forum once, and some of us met up for drinks, close to Christmas. My fellow forum members were amazed to find that - even offline and away from a computor, with all the freedom of speech that online, anonymous contact gives us - I was still a foul-mouthed, abusive and thoroughly unpleasant racist, sexual pervert who deserved to be behind bars. I think we might meet up again this Christmas.

  4. Ew, you made yourself sound like Sarah Palin. You're really not like that, Tom. Darnitt.

  5. I'm a better shot than Sarah Palin.

  6. Amy you've said it all in a nutshell. When I first started my blog it was an egocentric buzz to count the visitors and then the people who dropped in have become real friends as much as the ones I have locally. I think the good thing is that we can be how we are just be exactly who we are 'warts an all' so to speak. The writing aspirations I might have had have fell a bit by the wayside. (I sometimes/most times write a load of cobblers anyway!! But this is the real me!

  7. Meeting blog buddies is everything you imagine and MORE!! It's awesome, you can relate, you've already shared your struggles, heartaches and stories online they know more about you then a lot of people (like any of neighbors for instance) do.

    I think having an online presence has taught me a lot about how big of a world we live in and how awesome it is to be apart of such a big world. I wish I could live next to all my blogging buddies, then again we would all have the same stories and what fun would that be?

  8. I totally get it. I'm the same way as you in real life. Most people don't get me. It takes about a year. But online, just like you, I'm me. So if you're still here, I'd say we're the best of friends.

  9. Molly- I like the real you!

    Jen- you're a true inspiration here in blogworld, and I'm sure in real life too! I'm so happy to know you!

    Matt- Glad to be a friend! You've always been honest, but warm with your comments- I appreciate that.

  10. Hi Amy,
    I am a writer but I am NOT shy at all. I know some authors are shy, including my mentors. Not me! ;) They tell me I have the "agent" personality because I love to network. Therefore, I don't use Facebook or Twitter for socializing. I only use my blog as a tool to expand my writing career. People say writing is a solitary career and I say ONLY if you let it be. As a matter of fact, my latest post is about how writing can be fun (including your fellow writers to be part of the equation). I became your lucky "reader" 67 ;)
    Hope you visit my neck of the woods.
    Claudia @ www.claudiadelbalso.blogspot.com

  11. Thanks for stopping by Claudia : )


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