Dream high and enjoy the view

I found out Glimmer Train isn't currently taking entries, so I'll look elsewhere. And I was wrong about something else as well, the hardest literary review to get in would be The New Yorker. I'll go look at their guidelines, but that's big-time dreamin' folks. It's amazing how many there really are, and how much competition exists in the market. Again, people keep saying go high and work you way down. Send one story out, forget it, write the next, send it out, and keep it up until you get accepted. Kinda a good challenge to take on. Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday, that was really nice!

I wanted to show off some of Julia's artwork. She has always been a prolific artist, with a very keen eye for detail and a perfect memory. I can't even keep up with the paper she goes through. Just last week I had to toss a ton of scraps into the recycle bin, and she's already created a whole new pile! The child is messy. I need a robot nanny.

Here she is, that little Van Gogh . . .

She did this a year ago, but I had to revive it for prosperity. It's her ode to Sleeping Beauty.

She did this one yesterday after I'd bought some watercolor kits (hence my fabulous trip to the store).

An apple tree, Julia style.

A magic castle complete with rainbow fountain.
So there you have it. My little darlin' and her amazing art. I gotta go wake her and her brother up for school now. Have a great day!


  1. Make sure you keep every single one, Amy. She's wonderful.

    re: The New Yorker. If you try to jump over a five-bar-gate you may well trip up. But try to jump over the moon, and the five-bar-gate will seem like child's-play.

  2. I like the example. Thanks for that : )

  3. So cute. I never want to throw anything like that away.

  4. I love her art - wow! Budding Picasso. Or Van Gogh! Or someone all her own.

  5. Hi Laura! Yeah, I have a lot of her work saved in folders. But I do force myself to toss anything that is sub-standard Julia stuff.

    Talli- Thank you! Maybe she can support me some day with her masterpieces. I won't push her on it though, haha.

  6. Amy - amazing amazing pictures! That young miss has got a lot of talent. Wishing you everything good with the New Yorker. Like Cro says - keep dreaming big - you'll get there. You will! Love Molly x


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