Who's on First?

Okay, I'm ready to send out a my first story but still haven't decided on which literary review I want as my first submission. There are so many out there and people say to go hardest first, which would be Glimmer Train, so I think that's the one I'm going to send it to. Okay, there you go, I just decided! I'm just going to do another spell check and then send it out. Wish me luck!

It'll probably be about three months till I hear anything, so that's a tough one, but standard I think. Just gotta get used to it. I keep hearing that the best thing to do is send out the story, forget it exists, and get to work on the next one. Wash and repeat.

That is kind of surreal though. You work really hard on something, then just pretend it never happened? Oh well. Three months of it being out there is three months I could have done nothing with it.

On the other side of things, I made my usual visit to the grocery store after dropping the kids off at school, and a guy standing in line ahead of me said, "You're a tall one, aren't ya?" Yes, I'm tall. Wasted on me though, I hate basketball. "Ah, but you could do other things. You could be a model." Yeah, right. "You got all the model stuff going on there. Do it before you have kids or something." I have two. " Ah, hell." Then he got quiet. Haha. So there you have it, I'll just quit this whole writing stuff and become a model. Hahahahaha.


  1. Well that is quite the compliment considering you've had two kids, he's saying you are still looking hot as ever and it appears to look as though you've never had kids.

    You should feel on top of the world!!!

    Modeling and writing, two careers that are never guaranteed.

  2. See, I'm blushing now. It was a really nice compliment and I shouldn't be so uncomfortable around it, and yes, it's awesome when it happens! Oh man, I don't feel hot most of the time (hardly ever) but yeah, I'll take it!

  3. Amy - I am so keeping my fingers crossed for you and wish you all the success you deserve with your book. Good luck! Enjoy your compliment!! (would be interesting to see if he's in the checkout queue next week) You could have another story pending there !!

  4. I think you're right Molly! This is the kind of thing I'd write about, only, if I were one of my characters, I'd be off in a park with the guy,
    dancing around, haha.

  5. Or you could do them both and be a writing model. LOL. Three months is a long time, but it will pass fast. Enter it!! You never know what may happen. :)

  6. Excellent, Amy! Good luck on the Glimmer Train submission. I'm excited for you. I'm also past the age where men start up conversations with me in stores so I'll just experience that vicariously through you. Great post.

  7. KImberly- If I had the time . . . : )

    roxy- Well, I just found out they don't accept until October, so I'll do another market. This makes novel querying look like a piece of cake. Thanks for the well wishes!

  8. Good luck with your submission! I can imagine the anxiety you're feeling. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)


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