Intimacy and Realism

I'm kind of shy to talk about this, but I feel a slight achievement with it, so why not? I have written a sex scene between man and wife, and I wrote it straight out with every detail. I don't know, is that considered erotic fiction? I guess I don't care. I wanted to write a story about a man who felt he had nothing, was annoyed with life, with marriage, with work and fatherhood, etc. With this sort of culmination of distaste I would have him see his wife and realize what a treasure she is: a beautiful creature who could save him from his own destruction. He would see her and be transformed with love. And so, of course, I wanted to write about them making love in such a beautiful intimate way, that it would be almost surreal to those reading it. I've always thought that when two people really love each other, and come together in sex, that it is like being high or like having a spiritual experience. That's what I wanted to express.

Anyway, it was hard to write at times. But I felt it was necessary, both for the story and for me as a writer. But yeah, will I be disowned by society now because I wrote a graphic sex scene? Well . . .I doubt it. It just feels that way!


  1. I'm blushing redder than red. Fluid Shadows? My goodness Amy; back to the Nunnery with you!

  2. Wash your mouth out, girl. In Britain, we have an annual (not anal) prize for the worst sex scenes in British literature, called 'The Bad Sex' prize. Maybe you could enter...

  3. P.S. - You've got old Cro going though. Be careful, I think he has a bit of an infatuation for you.

  4. Amy - first of all you will NOT in any way whatsoever be disowned by society and certainly not by me. I have been severely told off by my OH for making comments like I do on other people's sites so I thought right no more comments from now on! And then I read your little piece. You are such a lovely gentle person and it comes through in your writing. Marlene could be you, me, any of us. I liked the bit where you wrote 'like a murderer asking an angel how to kill.' I think it's common knowledge that I absolutely hate porn because it abuses and damages somebody's daughter/son and worse still - child for cash and greed. If you are disowned then I certainly will be as well so we'll have to be in the 'dis-owned club' together! What you write is who you are. It's good! Keep writing!

  5. Cro- sorry : )~

    Tom- Say it ain't so! I hope what I wrote isn't joke worthy, but then it's hard for me to tell! My characters often have a lunatic quality about them. For Henri, I had a sort of Peter Sellers character in mind. He's a little crazy, and Marlene is his calming presence. I guess if it comes off hokey, then I'll take the heat and carry on. Perhaps if I wrote things straight I wouldn't have this problem, but I just can't seem to do that! Everything has to have a comical undertone. Oh well.

    How nice of you to say that Molly. I am honored once again by your words and glad to have your support! And yeah, there was that fine line of porn and art, and I hope I achieved the latter because erotica, though I admire those who have the skill, isn't a genre I really want to delve into as a writer. ((HUGS))

    Shew! I think a lighthearted post is on the agenda for tomorrow.


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