Try, Try Again

Well, I guess I'll go another round with this old book of mine. A few months ago, before putting it aside, I made changes to the beginning chapters which represented Emma's voice in a much stronger way—it had become sterile and boring after tons of edits. I thought hard about what I had initially wanted her to say, and how I wanted her spirit of a sweet, yet feisty hippie girl to shine. I made those changes and put it aside to do other things, which was a really good idea. I was truly burnt out. Last night I compiled a whole list of agents to send queries to. I thought I'd gone through them all, but I guess not. Thank you!

And thank you to my friends who have always been so kind and supportive of me even when I couldn't be that way for myself. Keep your fingers crossed. Again!

Here is a cool video that little Julia is in love with. It's quite long, but well worth it.


  1. I just posted a comment but Google threw an error 503 at me so if it comes up twice - oops! Amy, I'm not surprised that Julia is entranced with the video - so am I. It reminds me of the film 'Titanic' which I loved. Hope she had a wonderful day yesterday. Of course we support you with your book -I'm just waiting for it to be published so that I can buy it ... AND IT WILL! You'll see!
    Have a good day. Molly x

  2. Thank you Molly! You know, I think it will be too. I can see how much I worked on it, and the changes that have made it so much better. It really helped to step away and do other things. I helped critique some other writer's chapters and that taught me a lot. So, yeah, I think things will work out. And I can't wait for you to read it!

  3. It is a process, for sure. And, we have to be willing to do it "until". That's what Patty Gauch, VP of Penguin Pub once said in a talk. "Do it until. That's all you have to do"

    easier said than done, I know first hand. But still good advice.

    kudos for going back at it :D

  4. Much appreciated Tess, thank you : )

  5. Good luck! I'm keeping all of my fingers crossed for you!


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