I can't say that I've ever seen a ghost, but I have experienced what some people call waking dreams and what others call visits from the shadow people. I would wake up, and know that I was awake, but there was no ability to breathe or move my arms; talk or scream. It always felt like someone was there in the room with me, keeping me paralyzed. A feeling of dread would build, and it was if I could hear my own blood rushing inside my ears. Everything would come to a huge climax of fear and then it would stop and I could move and breathe.

One night I woke up fine, but an old music box which I hadn't touched for years just started playing by itself. Again, I saw nothing, but had the feeling of something in the room.

Maybe a week later I had another wake dream, the worst one yet. I was paralyzed, suffocating, stuck in the climax of horrible fear—I just knew something was trying to get to me and it was a very, very evil presence. So, I started to pray. I prayed hard over and over: Hail Mary and Our Father over and over. It stopped and I was sort of clicked out of the paralyzation; the rushing noise ended; the dread left. Make of it what you will, but that was the end of that ordeal for me. I'm not a huge church person and I don't particularly care for organized religion, although I do respect it. I think everyone is at a different spiritual level on this earth and each religion can offer a person what they need at certain times of their life and growth. But there's definitely something out there, and for me yes I do believe it was Jesus, but it could have been Buddha or Moses or Venus or The Great Spirit in the Sky—for anyone else. What amazes me is how fast he showed up. We always think it's unbelievable that God could hear all of our thoughts, when there are so many of us on this earth. But he did. He was the one waiting for me.


  1. It's all inside you - the fear, the damnation and the salvation. Don't let yourself think that you can be all you need without the rest of us humans though! We're supposed to work as a team.

  2. Thanks Tom. It's good to remember that sometimes : )


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