I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking about these kids that have been murdered and who have killed themselves recently due to their sexual orientation. It's really sad, isn't it? I think us humans forget sometimes that our mission on earth is to love. It's really very simple: you just don't hate. When you feel yourself hating someone, you stop and you say, "This is wrong," and you love them instead. You love them by letting them be free, by letting them walk down the street with no insults and no shoves, you love them by trying to accept that their difference is something good, not bad, something beautiful because if they are happy it must be beautiful. We seem to be unable to truly get the concept of love. It can't be pooled into stocks, or eaten, or shot, or set on fire. It's invisible and it's very, very tender. Treat it like a plant and help it to grow. Mission completed.


  1. This was beautifully said. A very sad story indeed. :(

  2. I agree. The incident at Rutgers is here in my backyard and the two students who are being charged are from the town where I teach (I don't know them). So very sad. It's very simplistic to say, but I just can't imagine what goes through someone's head as they torment someone else.

  3. My brother suffered quite a bit of bullying from boys in junior high. He was still slight in frame and so they decided he was just feminine enough for them to go after. There's usually a ring leader things like this, some hateful person who feels big from targeting someone else. Mom sent Marshall to a Catholic Seminary and he thrived in that world of brotherhood centered on academia. Ironically enough, there were a lot of gay boys in the school, but Marshall was straight! Gotta love that, haha.

  4. I don't know this particular story, but I'm afraid it's all too common. That well used expression 'Live and let Live' says it all.

  5. Amy - I don't know this story either but it sounds pretty brutal! This 'love' thing is such a strange one to quantify. Through the years I've come to the conclusion that 'Love' is not a mutual admiration society. Neither is it warm sentimental feelings towards somebody - but then I suppose it can be both in a way. I am still trying to come to terms with loving someone who over the years has delighted in making my life hell (Not the man I married BTW) No I don't like him, I will never like him and if I never saw him again in my life it would be too soon. But saying that I do not wish him any harm and would never want to do anything mean or spiteful back towards him. I would just like him out of my life! I was reading a magazine in the dentist's not long ago about how people on the receiving end dealt with this issue. One was a comment from a mother who's son had been knifed and murdered. She said,'Forgiveness is Not hoping that the past will get any better. Perhaps Forgiveness and Love are one of the same thing. Oh dear sorry to go on so much. I do love your blog posts though and for having you for a friend. Molly x

  6. Sorry to hear about this guy harassing you, Molly. Some bullies never grow up I guess : (

    Well, I *heart* you!!! That means you're sweet and you make the world a really great place to live in.


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