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Liam's Birthday cake. Yes the kids helped decorate! They had a lot of fun.

A groovy shelf. And some old books that aren't perfect, but I still love them.


  1. Some of the best cakes are the one's made that are made with love! Liam's cake looks amazing!I he had so much fun!

    I love old books, vintage, unique, gorgeous :)

    Thanks for joining our Unbirthday party :)

  2. Yes old (non classic) books can be great. Often deliciously un-PC. Esther the Fright? sounds wonderful.

  3. It's a very dry read, and to be honest I haven't gotten through the whole thing! I intend to though . . . someday. You might notice the author is listed as MRS Georgie Sheldon, and the other authors simply use their first initials, a very smart business move back in those days. Women authors weren't taken very seriously, and hiding a female name allowed them to be published and read without prejudice.

  4. What a cool looking cake! And even cooler books. And don't forget, some women still hide behind intials. Ever hear of JK Rowling? Nowadays though, I think it's the opposite, where men have a harder time. I'm thinking up some initials for myself...

  5. I notice 'The Long Portage' is a library book Amy.... Hope that isn't accruing charges... Happy birthday Liam.

  6. Oh Matt, that's funny! I know how you feel, and hope good things are coming your way soon.

    Yes Tom, it is indeed an old library book. But I bought it at a book-sale, or something . . . cough, I can't remember. : )o


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