Low-Calorie Halloween Treats

Trick or Treat! Here are some Halloween goodies. Have fun! But not too much . . .

1970's Halloween War of the Worlds Just click the player button on the upper right of the page.

Time traveler?

Spooky optical illusion:

Real ghost pictures? Explanations on pictures can be found here:


  1. What WAS that woman doing? Maybe she was holding some ice cubes against an aching tooth.
    Great clip.

  2. Both her and the zebra were only put there so that you wouldn't notice Carl Jung walking past in the background.

  3. I read a good theory last night: it's an undercover security guard patrolling the area. Since this was from a movie premiere, that would make sense, and there were a few wireless units around at the time.

    Or it's really just an older woman with a hand-held hearing aid.

    Or someone has traveled through time.

    Or Aliens have finally landed and have decided to time travel, and are dressing up like old ladies at Charlie Chaplin movie premiers.

    Of course Carl Jung would have to be there! What a diva!

  4. Okay . . . I promise I won't show any more scary pictures. To be honest, I looked at my blog late last night and couldn't sleep afterwards! That ghost lady is too frightening!

  5. Amy - it is quite strange how faces do sometimes seem to appear on black and white photographs. We have one of the old lady who used to live in our house before we moved here. I've posted it on one of my past blogs somewhere. She is standing in a corn field but the weird thing is that there is a face with similar to the Oliver Cromwell type of hairstyle shown in the trees behind her. When I blew the photo up to full screen it was very clear. I am 100% certain that photo had never been been altered in any way. Perhaps it's all in our minds, I don't know, except that both me and Other Half could see it.


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