Happy Birthday to Liam!

This is what a precocious birthday boy looks like. Four-years-old . . . where did the time go?

And I'm afraid he's had enough. Time to go make that cake!


  1. Happy Birthday Liam xxxx. Ask Mom to post a picture of the lovely great big birthday cake when you've made it. Can we help you to blow the candles out and we'll all sing, 'Happy Birthday to you ....' Can we all have a piece of cake after we've sung Mmmmmm xx

  2. I will. But he's not too fond of attention, so, it's probably not a good idea to sing him any big songs, haha.

  3. Yes, Happy Birthday Liam!!!

    Jeans and striped jumpers. 4 year old boys were invented just to make them look great.

    I'm joining in with Molly... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to....

  4. Thank you Mohamed. He's my little sweetie!


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