Silent Footage 1905

Here is a 1905 film taken from the front window of a moving a cable car along San Francisco's busy Market Street. You can see how dangerous the streets were back then! People walked right in front of the cable car, cars swerved around without care. Interesting enough is the fact that horse drawn carriages are still in action. And even more interesting is the fact that this video shows a downtown later destroyed by the 1906 earthquake.

Post earthquake San Francisc0


  1. Plainly, Mr Zebra had not yet invented his crossing. It all looks hazardous.

  2. It does! I'd be a nervous wreck walking around like that. But at the same time it would be incredibly exciting!

  3. Fascinating! I'd be terrified to even cross the road!

  4. Amy, what fascinated me was the difference in the two films. In the first one, everyone was just going about his or her business, diving across the road, driving anywhere - 1905. The second one showing the absolute devastation of the earthquake - apparently only horse drawn vehicles about. People in groups. And that endless line of people in the food queue. What a difference a year makes - or even just a few seconds!


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