Take a Trip and Skip Through the Fifties . . .

Here are a few from an earlier decade. A time when life was good and simple. And just a little bit crazy.

Oh come on, you're the man of steel. If anyone can chomp through those rolls with believability, it would be you. Suck it up, Superman. "Ooops, did I accidentally put Kyrptonite in there? Oh gosh, I'm so sorry dear. Let's call Clark Kent over to dinner tonight, he likes my rolls, honey. I'll call him right now!"

I love pictures of refrigerators. I'm a total foodie! However, this thing has been stocked in such a way that, frankly, I am frightened. It's like Aliens have attempted to replicate a typical homo sapiens refrigerator set-up. I mean, look at the eggs! And what's with all the ham? I guess this was during the nuclear age. Eat up folks, we're all gonna die tomorrow! Yay!

This is Julia's idea of a well-balanced diet. In fact, that looks like her and Liam in the picture jumping for joy.

"I still can't see the picture. Something keeps blocking the projector . . ." Oh Sabrina you naughty girl. Are those real or are you packing grapefruit? Good luck loading the film, girl. Call me if you need any help.

Oh yeah, smelling like nasty Lysol is a much better solution. Right. I'm so glad that times have changed. *Shudder*

Ya know, Spam was a good invention and made sense at the time. The war had just ended, people needed good, cheap food that was high in protein and which could be used in various dishes. It is also good for Monty Python sketches. Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam . . . It also makes great paperweights and is a wicked fish-bait.

"Oh Sweetie! Can you update that grocery list again? We're out of . . . cheese, bacon, butter, and ketchup. Oh, and throw some Spam in there. Thanks Honey!"

The fifties were all about mixing the old with the new. I wonder why they didn't use real pictures for this ad though? I want to see an actual model gulping down a big glass of milk and Seven-Up.

This one is for me. I think it's very romantic and I LOOOVE it! Happy Saturday dear friends! Have a good one.


  1. When these adverts came out, I was a kid in post-war Britain, which was still rationed for food. I remember marveling at those food ones, and thinking what an exotic place the USA must be. It was years before I tasted American sweets, etc, brought over by American girlfriends as a bit of nostalgia.

  2. I love the special banana section in the 'fridge; I wish I had a 'fridge like that. And Oh that SPAM; I once saw a documentary about the Spam factory... pigs form a continuous input at one end... boxes of Spam emerge ad infinitum at tother.

  3. I knew Spam was evil. Disgusting!!

    Tom- The problem with American sweets is that there are too many of them and it's all packaged food.

  4. Amy, I didn't like the fifties, probably for the same reasons that Tom's given! Not a lot of people know this, but Sabrina was smuggling ice cream cones under her sweater! I like young Julia's choice of healthy diet. That young lady knows what's what! xx

  5. Two cones per smuggle, Moll? Must be where that little bit at the end of a Cornetto comes from.


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