Good news for some good friends

That wonderful and prolific Jessica Bell at the Alliterative Allomorph has done gone and got herself a publisher for her debut novel. I'm very proud of her and wish her much luck in the whole process! Congratulations Jessica!

I also read that the very sweet Alex Adams has a major book deal going on. WoW! Congrats to her as well! You did good!

I'm still practicing and learning songs. It's a very nice mid-seventies here in eastern Kansas and I could go out and dance in the streets but why would I do that? Why indeed?


  1. Congrats, Alex!!! And thanks, Amy :o) *blush*

  2. You're welcome Jessica : ) You gals are on fire!

  3. Wow, lots of good stuff going on! Big congrats to Alex and Jess!

  4. Congrats to those with a book deal.

    I must still be a bit froggered. When you said, "it's a very nice mid-seventies here in eastern Kansas," I thought, what a great era in which to live. I shall not spoil it for Amy by revealing that it is 2010 everywhere else.

  5. Amy - have just had a look into your friend's site. I am so thrilled for her too. What really struck me was a short paragraph near the bottom - when she said she wrote her novel (plot was good she said) but she tried to slant it on 'chic lit' commercialism (nothing wrong with that - but it wasn't her!) I am still a firm believer that you are what you write and vice versa. When her personality shone through - hey presto interested publisher! I love what you write and also your beautiful voice. Don't give up on either, because you WILL make it I know you will. I believe in you. Love Molly xx

  6. Oh wow, thank you so much, Amy! *HUG* And congratulations, Jessica! :D

  7. Wow how super cool! I'm going to check out Alex now! I love hearing fabulous news!

  8. MC (gonna be a while till I'm used to calling you that!)- it very should be mid-seventies both decade and temperature. That would be awesome!

    Molly- Thank you so much dear Molly!

    Alex- Big Congrats to you!


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