Jill Clayburgh

The beautiful and talented Jill Clayburgh has died of leukemia at the young age of 66. She was a different kind of actress, which is in my opinion was what made her so appealing. She was neither glamorous, nor emitted the typical sexual image most starlets are required to have. She was flighty, scrawny, infectious, flirtatious, smart, cunning, and most of all, relatable. In the movie An Unmarried Woman she taught all of us how a woman could be brave in a world of hungry men. We could still be open and vulnerable, yet willing to explore that which was once rejected; to love with full force.

Here she is dancing, as she is right now, I'm sure, in a better world this new morning.


  1. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't know of Ms Clayburgh. The price a hermit has to pay!


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