Saturday, December 18, 2010

Creepy Christmas

Well, here we go. I'm extending my advert love to Christmastime with a little weird. Remember, I did not make these ads. Some other freako did. What were they thinking?!

This is just creepy. Whoever put this ad together was definitely on an illegal substance (or a couple). You never hear about hair tape anymore. It's one of those products lost to the sands of time. Perhaps this ad was the reason for its decline.

Oh yes. Let's give everyone in the family a rifle. That's real smart, folks. "I said I wanted waffles, Mother!" KAPOW!

It's the thought that counts. Right? Right??

And really rude. "Now you don't have to ask me if you look fat in all your clothes. You'll know."

Uh, Santa . . . think you can help her out a little bit there? Right . . . (Love those stockings!)

Again, what was this person thinking???

Not an ad, but I thought it was cute. The concept. I'm out.

Happy ChristmasKwanzaaHanukkahSoltice!!


  1. Why does Blogger let me proof pictures and then take them away later? I'm so sorry folks. This is embarrassing!

  2. I don't ever remember scotch hair tape over here Amy but some 60's folks I knew used to use ordinary sello tape to get the 'Twiggy' look! Like Cro, I'm fascinated as to what's on the pics Blogger kept for themselves :0) Have a wonderful special Christmas. Love Molly xx

  3. Yeah, sorry about the pics you guys. Thank you Molly, and a Wonderful Christmas to you as well!xx


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