Sunday Stew

Since it's a Sunday, and since my other post failed so miserably, I decided to post my favorite song of the moment: New Kid in Town by The Eagles. It says everything I want to say but can't since I'm all done tryin' to say anything.


  1. Correction: it's almost Sunday. This time machine jet lag is really messing with mind.

  2. One of my favourites too Amy. I'm an Eagles nut!

  3. Happy Sunday, Amy! :)

    I love this song, and the Eagles, too.

  4. Happy Sunday to both of you. Stay warm!

  5. I like the Eagles too, Amy. Hope you're having a good day xx

  6. I've been gone all day with family get-togethers. Fun, but I'm thoroughly tired! Here's to a Happy Monday for all of us Bloggers. Only a few more days until Christmas!


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