I haz radio

I did that radio spot today and it went very well. We, having both had experience in theatre and time in front of a microphone, sat down and read our lines like pros--he has a great voice for radio. Wow. I'm still kind of amazed how well it went. I bet you guys were hoping to hear a story of how I went in there and messed up my lines and knocked things over on accident, haha. Believe me, I'm surprised that I didn't! I can be a real klutz sometimes. But no, it was great and I even got a tour of the station which was incredibly cool.

We went into a studio and sat down at a large desk with two microphones. The engineer told us to do a test run and we did and it went well, so he recorded the one after that. We did a 60 second spot and a 30 second spot. Then we were done.

On the drive home, I noticed that the highway and sky both had the same tone, and it reminded me of art class, oh so long ago, and the time we were all painting in shades of gray. It was winter and everywhere I went I saw gray: the road, the sky, the grass, it was as if my eyes were hyper sensitive to it and all colors had left the world. It's strange what happens to your eyes when you are an artist. Anyway it was weird to remember that.

We might get some actual snow this weekend, like all you folks across the water. If not, I'll never speak to you again. Snow hoggers.


  1. Yay!! I'm glad the radio spot went well. :)

  2. Amy well done! I am so pleased!! I never doubted that it would.
    Apparently somebody on eBay was selling snow for charity. The drawback was that buyer collects and no guarantee on condition :0) You could have barrow loads from here for nothing:0)

  3. Thank you so much Jessica!

    I'm tempted Molly . . . haha. I'm just going to walk around singing, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow," over and over and over.

  4. PLEEEEEEEEEEEZE put up an audio clip of it, Amy?

  5. Sure thing, Tom. All the best now and stay warm!!

  6. I'll get one posted when I have it, which may be a few days.

  7. We all know that you get 'twisters' in Kansas (ahem), but SNOW? Maybe those Munchkins will find some for you.

  8. Wow, what a super cool experience.

  9. Cro- We all have our fingers crossed for Saturday. C'mon snow!

    Tess- it was!


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