Monday Shmumday

Tomorrow I'll be doing the radio spot with my friend Marshall Rimann. I'm excited, but, yes, just a little bit nervous. I've practiced tons and hope that all my inflections make sense, and that I won't be too loud, or obnoxious. The TV spot that was filmed last week will start runningFriday. If it gets posted to Youtube, I'll let you see it. I've already had a sneak peek and I can safely say that I don't look like TOO much of a dork, haha. That garners a big hooray!

On the writing side of things, I have been collecting all my little stories from this last year of blogging, mainly those from my childhood like the one I posted yesterday, and am seriously thinking about self-pubbing my own little vignette, if you will. It will have line drawings, and fine descriptions of the town, the joys of being a child in Kansas in the 70's, and the sadness of life with my father. It won't be a perfect book—it's something that I've wanted to do for me.

I'm also delving into a book I started last year about a young girl, very sarcastic humor, and her freshman year, trials et al. It's based on my freshman year- the year of hell- and so it will be painful to write at times, but I keep just enough humor to keep things afloat. Anyway, we'll see.

What are you up to today?


  1. Oh Amy - I'm so excited for you!! Hope it all goes well tomorrow which I'm sure it will. I do hope it goes on You Tube!!! The stories you've written so far about your childhood are so good and so readable, I think your next little book will be as brilliant. Love Molly x

  2. Molly, I do love you : ) Thank you so much, and can't wait to tell you about tomorrow's events! xx

  3. I'm sure this is the right move. Once you actually see your book in print, with nice cover, kind words on back, etc, you'll begin to think differently about the whole publishing caboodle. I can almost guarantee you'll become more relaxed about your writing, and life can only benefit as a result.

    All the best for your radio spot. Go for it!

    Raining here, so keeping dry. Bisou, Cro.

  4. Thank you Cro. Enjoy that rain. * * * * * I'm still waiting for snow!
    * * * * *
    * * * * *

  5. The radio? How cool! I hope it all goes fantastic!


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